Release Notes and Changelog

Release 0.12

  • New SimpleTemplate parser implementation * Support for multi-line code blocks (<% … %>). * The keywords include and rebase are functions now and can accept variable template names.
  • The new BaseRequest.route() property returns the Route that originally matched the request.
  • Removed the BaseRequest.MAX_PARAMS limit. The hash collision bug in CPythons dict() implementation was fixed over a year ago. If you are still using Python 2.5 in production, consider upgrading or at least make sure that you get security fixed from your distributor.
  • New ConfigDict API (see Configuration (DRAFT))

More information can be found in this development blog post.

Release 0.11

  • Native support for Python 2.x and 3.x syntax. No need to run 2to3 anymore.
  • Support for partial downloads (Range header) in static_file().
  • The new ResourceManager interface helps locating files bundled with an application.
  • Added a server adapter for waitress.
  • New Bottle.merge() method to install all routes from one application into another.
  • New property to get the application object that handles a request.
  • Added FormsDict.decode() to get an all-unicode version (needed by WTForms).
  • MultiDict and subclasses are now pickle-able.

API Changes

  • Response.status is a read-write property that can be assigned either a numeric status code or a status string with a reason phrase (200 OK). The return value is now a string to better match existing APIs (WebOb, werkzeug). To be absolutely clear, you can use the read-only properties BaseResponse.status_code and BaseResponse.status_line.

API Deprecations

  • SimpleTALTemplate is now deprecating. There seems to be no demand.

Release 0.10

  • Plugin API v2
    • To use the new API, set Plugin.api to 2.
    • Plugin.apply() receives a Route object instead of a context dictionary as second parameter. The new object offers some additional information and may be extended in the future.
    • Plugin names are considered unique now. The topmost plugin with a given name on a given route is installed, all other plugins with the same name are silently ignored.
  • The Request/Response Objects
  • Templates
    • Added three new functions to the SimpleTemplate default namespace that handle undefined variables: stpl.defined(), stpl.get() and stpl.setdefault().
    • The default escape function for SimpleTemplate now additionally escapes single and double quotes.
  • Routing
    • A new route syntax (e.g. /object/<id:int>) and support for route wildcard filters.
    • Four new wildcard filters: int, float, path and re.
  • Other changes
    • Added command line interface to load applications and start servers.
    • Introduced a ConfigDict that makes accessing configuration a lot easier (attribute access and auto-expanding namespaces).
    • Added support for raw WSGI applications to Bottle.mount().
    • Bottle.mount() parameter order changed.
    • Bottle.route() now accpets an import string for the callback parameter.
    • Dropped Gunicorn 0.8 support. Current supported version is 0.13.
    • Added custom options to Gunicorn server.
    • Finally dropped support for type filters. Replace with a custom plugin of needed.

Release 0.9

Whats new?

  • A brand new plugin-API. See Plugins and Plugin Development Guide for details.
  • The route() decorator got a lot of new features. See Bottle.route() for details.
  • New server adapters for gevent, meinheld and bjoern.
  • Support for SimpleTAL templates.
  • Better runtime exception handling for mako templates in debug mode.
  • Lots of documentation, fixes and small improvements.
  • A new Request.urlparts property.

Performance improvements

  • The Router now special-cases wsgi.run_once environments to speed up CGI.
  • Reduced module load time by ~30% and optimized template parser. See 8ccb2d, f72a7c and b14b9a for details.
  • Support for “App Caching” on Google App Engine. See af93ec.
  • Some of the rarely used or deprecated features are now plugins that avoid overhead if the feature is not used.

API changes

This release is mostly backward compatible, but some APIs are marked deprecated now and will be removed for the next release. Most noteworthy:

  • The static route parameter is deprecated. You can escape wild-cards with a backslash.
  • Type-based output filters are deprecated. They can easily be replaced with plugins.

Release 0.8

API changes

These changes may break compatibility with previous versions.

  • The built-in Key/Value database is not available anymore. It is marked deprecated since 0.6.4
  • The Route syntax and behaviour changed.
    • Regular expressions must be encapsulated with #. In 0.6 all non-alphanumeric characters not present in the regular expression were allowed.
    • Regular expressions not part of a route wildcard are escaped automatically. You don’t have to escape dots or other regular control characters anymore. In 0.6 the whole URL was interpreted as a regular expression. You can use anonymous wildcards (/index:#(\.html)?#) to achieve a similar behaviour.
  • The BreakTheBottle exception is gone. Use HTTPResponse instead.
  • The SimpleTemplate engine escapes HTML special characters in {{bad_html}} expressions automatically. Use the new {{!good_html}} syntax to get old behaviour (no escaping).
  • The SimpleTemplate engine returns unicode strings instead of lists of byte strings.
  • bottle.optimize() and the automatic route optimization is obsolete.
  • Some functions and attributes were renamed:
    • Request._environ is now Request.environ
    • Response.header is now Response.headers
    • default_app() is obsolete. Use app() instead.
  • The default redirect() code changed from 307 to 303.
  • Removed support for @default. Use @error(404) instead.

New features

This is an incomplete list of new features and improved functionality.

  • The Request object got new properties: Request.body, Request.auth, Request.url, Request.header, Request.forms, Request.files.
  • The Response.set_cookie() and Request.get_cookie() methods are now able to encode and decode python objects. This is called a secure cookie because the encoded values are signed and protected from changes on client side. All pickle-able data structures are allowed.
  • The new Router class drastically improves performance for setups with lots of dynamic routes and supports named routes (named route + dict = URL string).
  • It is now possible (and recommended) to return HTTPError and HTTPResponse instances or other exception objects instead of raising them.
  • The new function static_file() equals send_file() but returns a HTTPResponse or HTTPError instead of raising it. send_file() is deprecated.
  • New get(), post(), put() and delete() decorators.
  • The SimpleTemplate engine got full unicode support.
  • Lots of non-critical bugfixes.


Bottle is written and maintained by Marcel Hellkamp <>.

Thanks to all the people who found bugs, sent patches, spread the word, helped each other on the mailing-list and made this project possible. I hope the following (alphabetically sorted) list is complete. If you miss your name on that list (or want your name removed) please tell me or add it yourself.

  • acasajus
  • Adam R. Smith
  • Alexey Borzenkov
  • Alexis Daboville
  • Anton I. Sipos
  • Anton Kolechkin
  • apexi200sx
  • apheage
  • BillMa
  • Brad Greenlee
  • Brandon Gilmore
  • Branko Vukelic
  • Brian Sierakowski
  • Brian Wickman
  • Carl Scharenberg
  • Damien Degois
  • David Buxton
  • Duane Johnson
  • fcamel
  • Frank Murphy
  • Frederic Junod
  • goldfaber3012
  • Greg Milby
  • gstein
  • Ian Davis
  • Itamar Nabriski
  • Iuri de Silvio
  • Jaimie Murdock
  • Jeff Nichols
  • Jeremy Kelley
  • joegester
  • Johannes Krampf
  • Jonas Haag
  • Joshua Roesslein
  • Karl
  • Kevin Zuber
  • Kraken
  • Kyle Fritz
  • m35
  • Marcos Neves
  • masklinn
  • Michael Labbe
  • Michael Soulier
  • reddit
  • Nicolas Vanhoren
  • Robert Rollins
  • rogererens
  • rwxrwx
  • Santiago Gala
  • Sean M. Collins
  • Sebastian Wollrath
  • Seth
  • Sigurd Høgsbro
  • Stuart Rackham
  • Sun Ning
  • Tomás A. Schertel
  • Tristan Zajonc
  • voltron
  • Wieland Hoffmann
  • zombat